Education for Youth

The Need: Cardinal Dery was passionate about youth, their education and their understanding of issues, concerns and opportunity. He believed that everyone should develop their talents and give back to their community.


This letter was recently received by the Cardinal Dery Foundation from Eunice Pallu, a Dery Foundation Student Scholarship Recipient 2010


Dear Cardinal Dery Foundation Board of Directors:
“ I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for the kindness and support offered me, that is, the scholarship…Indeed my gratitude stems from the fact that I was handicapped financially and you gave me the support to enable me to pursue my education…It is my fervent belief that you would continue to support more of my type to help themselves in positions in the near future…I wish to also assure you of my commitment to hard working and to actually using the scholarship funding judiciously. Long live the Arch Bishop Dery Foundation.”

Eunice Pallu , a Dery Foundation Student Scholarship Recipient 2010


How better to share the support and the impact of an education scholarship through the Dery Foundation.


Eunice along with Patience Dapilah, Prosper Sunkyedong, Konlan Kanyiti, Ezekiel Anane, and Gervase Adams were all in school and working hard studying to advance themselves through the support of an educational scholarship.


We know we could double this effort – provide support to twentytwo hundredtwo thousand young promising girls and boys with more support and dedication to our Educational initiative through the Dery Foundation for Human Development. We must always remember that no one can ever take away your education – it is a timeless asset and it provides both opportunity and hope for the future.


We hope you will consider providing a scholarship to support a student – we have made a big difference here and you can too!


Scholarship Criteria: 

  • Students must apply for scholarships 
  • Recipients are chosen by the local Cardinal Dery Foundation Board 
  • $500 is needed for tuition, room and board per school year per student 
  • Students are expected to provide community service as determined by local Cardinal Dery Foundatin Board 
  • Cardinal Dery Foundation seeks to provide ten scholarships per year 
  • Scholarships are available to both boys and girls
Water for Ghana

The Cardinal Dery Foundation builds fresh water wells, primarily in the rural areas of Northern Ghana, which is drier and more likely to suffer from famine. Waterways are far from villages and homes; women and children carry water long distances, and often the water available for use is contaminated, causing disease.





Health Care

The Dery Foundation’s focus on Health Care is mainly in the areas of prevention, basic health education and minor treatment. Local clinics need medical supplies and equipment. Basic nutrional support in the form of healthy food is provided to eliminate consumption of contaminated or spoiled items.




Education for Youth

Cardinal Dery devoted much of his life to educating the poor children of Ghana. He believed the future of mankind depends on self-sufficient individuals capable of making good decisions based on knowledge.


The Cardinal Dery Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Charity devoted to significantly improving the physical, spiritual and intellectual lives of the people of Ghana by providing these basics: clean water, education and health care. Please contact us if you would like a speaker to address your organization, or if you are interested in making a donation.  Our contact information is: Phone: 414-278-0170   Fax:414-278-1169   Address: 7127 N. Green Bay Avenue, Glendale, WI 53209
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